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Which Bank Supports Payoneer in Bangladesh?

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To facilitate smooth cross-border payments and fund transfers, Payoneer has partnered with several major banks in Bangladesh. Leading private banks like Dutch Bangla Bank, City Bank, Eastern Bank, Standard Chartered Bank and state-owned banks like Agrani Bank are among Payoneer's key banking partners in Bangladesh.

These affiliate banks allow Bangladeshi Payoneer users to conveniently access services like receiving payments from overseas clients, withdrawing funds locally, managing multi-currency balances, and making international transfers.

By linking their bank accounts to Payoneer, Bangladeshi professionals and businesses can take advantage of Payoneer's extensive global payment network and robust infrastructure. They can securely get paid by international clients and organizations, monitor account balances, transfer funds, and streamline financial operations.

Payoneer's partnerships with reputed banks like DBBL, Eastern Bank, Brac Bank, IFIC Bank and more in Bangladesh are instrumental in driving financial inclusion. They are helping empower Bangladeshi individuals and companies to actively participate in the global digital economy by offering them accessible payment solutions.