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How to Get Payoneer Sign Up Bonus?

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The best way to earn the Payoneer sign up bonus is to use a special referral link when registering for your account. Typically the bonus is $25 but using certain referral links can score you an even higher bonus amount of $35. When you sign up for Payoneer through a referral link, you'll receive the bonus once you meet the requirement of loading your new account with a minimum of $1000 in payments.

The bonus credits within 1-2 weeks after you hit the $1000 payment threshold. Both you as the referree and the original referrer will receive the same bonus amount in your Payoneer accounts. This is Payoneer's way of incentivizing referrals and new user sign ups. To get your own custom referral link to promote, simply log into your Payoneer account and go to Earn $25.

This referral program is available globally so users from all countries can take advantage of it, including India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and more. As Payoneer grows its user base, it leverages the referral program to reward existing users for bringing in new customers. Using a referral link ensures you maximize the sign up bonus. Just be sure to use a specialized link offering $35 instead of the standard $25 for the biggest possible bonus.