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How Much is Payoneer ATM Withdrawal Fee?

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The ATM withdrawal fee when using your Payoneer card is $3.15 USD, €2.50 EUR, or £1.95 GBP per transaction. This flat ATM withdrawal fee is charged by Payoneer itself regardless of the withdrawal amount.

In addition, you may incur other fees when withdrawing cash from an ATM with your Payoneer card:

  1. Currency conversion fee of up to 3.5% if withdrawing in a currency different than your card's held currency.
  2. Cross-border fee of up to 1.8% if the ATM is located in a different country than where your card was issued.
  3. Surcharge fee imposed by the ATM owner, which Payoneer has no control over. This can vary greatly by ATM.
  4. So the total ATM withdrawal fee can range from just the $3.15 flat Payoneer charge to that plus currency conversion and cross
  5. border fees of ~5% combined, plus any surcharge by the ATM owner itself.

It's important to understand these potential stacked fees when using your Payoneer card for ATM withdrawals internationally. Always check your account transaction history to verify exactly what fees were charged for each cash withdrawal. The pricing page in your Payoneer account outlines all card usage fees clearly.