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How to Load Payoneer Account?

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Adding funds to your Payoneer account is hassle-free when you get paid by their partner companies or marketplaces. The process is seamless - just log into your Payoneer account after receiving a payment email, go to Transactions under Activity, and choose to load the pending amount to your balance right away or in a few days. The fee will be displayed. It's great that the money loads incredibly fast, usually within 2-3 hours for instant loading.

You can also effortlessly load your Payoneer by having an existing Payoneer member transfer you money. They simply log in, select Make a Payment, input your details, and send you the funds. The money will automatically credit your account within hours, as long as they have enough balance. This instant loading makes transactions very convenient.

Direct bank account transfers are restricted to ensure self-loading doesn't occur, which aligns with Payoneer's commercial payment focus. But partner payments and transfers between members provide easy loading options. Overall, Payoneer offers a smooth and rapid way to add money to your account.