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Can I Use 1 Bank Account with Multiple Payoneer Accounts?

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No, it is not possible to use a single bank account with multiple Payoneer accounts. Payoneer only allows one Payoneer account to be linked to a specific bank account.

Their policy is that each Payoneer account must be associated with a unique bank account registered under the same legal entity name and ownership. You cannot attach the same bank account to more than one Payoneer account, even if both accounts belong to you.

This is intended to prevent misuse and maintain transparency in transactions. Payoneer requires bank account verification to ensure proper account ownership and fight fraud.

So for each separate Payoneer account you open, whether personal or business, you need to provide a different bank account owned by you to withdraw funds into. While you can have multiple bank accounts within the same Payoneer account when required, duplicating the same bank across different Payoneer accounts is prohibited.

In summary, Payoneer does not allow a single bank account to be linked with multiple Payoneer accounts as per their security and compliance policies. Each Payoneer account must have a unique registered bank account in the same legal name.