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How to Withdraw Less Than $50 from Payoneer?

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Withdrawing less than $50 from Payoneer can be challenging since their minimum withdrawal limit is $50. However, there are a few workaround methods:

1. Use a Payoneer top-up service to add funds. Pay someone locally to top up your Payoneer account with $50 or more. Then withdraw your total balance.
2. Withdraw to a Payoneer virtual card. If you get payments from platforms like Fiverr, you may be able to get a Payoneer virtual debit card to directly withdraw earnings to. Use it to shop online.
3. Use Payoneer remittance services like Kuda Bank (when available). They allow withdrawals under $50, but have poor exchange rates.
4. Contact Payoneer customer support to request closing your account and final withdrawal. Emphasize it's your only income source.
5. Transfer to mobile wallets like JazzCash in Pakistan or GCash in Philippines which have no minimum limits.
6. Join campaigns for Payoneer to lower withdrawal limits to help freelancers access income faster.

In summary, use Payoneer remittance partners, virtual cards, mobile wallets, account closure requests, and lobby for policy change. With some creativity, you can access earnings under $50. But act fast before funds expire in dormant accounts.