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What is Payoneer Swift Code?

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Payoneer empowers businesses and freelancers to streamline cross-border payments and operate globally with ease. Payoneer leverages the capabilities of SWIFT - the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication - to enable secure international money transfers between different banks and accounts worldwide.

A SWIFT code or BIC code uniquely identifies a specific bank branch in the SWIFT network. It comprises 8 or 11 letters and numbers that break down into the bank name, country, location and optionally the branch. When receiving SWIFT wire transfers, the sender needs the recipient's SWIFT code, account details and other information to route the payment properly.

As an online payments services company, Payoneer itself does not have its own SWIFT code. However, Payoneer account holders can still receive SWIFT wire transfers from clients and marketplaces by providing their unique Payoneer virtual account details, which act as international bank account numbers. This allows seamless connections to the SWIFT ecosystem for cross-border transactions.

By leveraging SWIFT's capabilities and providing digital account numbers, Payoneer offers users a streamlined way to get paid globally from any country into their Payoneer balance, which can be withdrawn locally into their bank account.