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What is The Minimum Amount to Withdraw from Payoneer?

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Payoneer aims to provide a smooth and seamless withdrawal experience, balancing accessible limits with compliance requirements. The minimum withdrawal amount depends primarily on the currency involved.

For local currency withdrawals to bank accounts, the minimum is generally around $150 equivalent in most countries. However, specific limits may vary slightly by country based on local bank policies.

When withdrawing major currencies like the US dollar, euro, or British pound, the minimum withdrawal amount is $150. This ensures feasible transfers when moving these globally recognized currencies.

While withdrawal minimums must align with regulation and processing costs, Payoneer also understands users' need for flexibility. Therefore, any customized limits are clearly communicated during the withdrawal process for full transparency.

By keeping users informed on withdrawal limits applicable to their region and currency, Payoneer builds trust and confidence. Withdrawals remain accessible for professionals worldwide while upholding integrity measures. Payoneer's ultimate focus is enabling users to smoothly access funds, grow their business, and reach their potential.