84 thoughts on “How to Transfer Money from PayPal to Payoneer? [100% Working]

  1. Fadi

    But is this method still working? I have read on other blogs and they say Paypal no longer accepts Payoneer Virtual Bank Account. I am afraid of giving it a try and creating problems with my account.


    1. Ana

      i successfully linked my paypal to payoneer but i wanted to try with a small amount first. i transferred $1… If it is free then it should work.

    2. sam

      Yes, you are right bro, i have faced problem. i wanted to link my payoneer account with paypal but i failed. Paypal doesn’t allow payoneer anymore. So i am in problem.

      1. Ahsan

        I can help you to get your payments.
        Contact me via what’s app
        +971 525420721

  2. AbsShop

    Tested, Works, But Name on PayPal account and Payoneer should be just the same. It is not possible to transfer directly from PayPal to Third Party.

  3. Hakan

    It’s very useful. Thank you so much for this information.

  4. Ken Weatherford

    I have a PayPal Credit account. I would like to know if Payoneer will accept PayPal Credit as a funding source. My bank account is already connected to my PayPal account, but I am finding that many payment system will not allow PayPal credit as a funding source from PayPal.

    Anyone know?

  5. shoaib

    not working for me.. when i try to add bank in Paypal… it gives me error…

    1. Alex Post author

      It works most of the time. However, in some cases, it may not work because of the limitation of PayPal account or similar problems. In most cases, you can can’t link your PayPal account with Payoneer because of the country you’re living in.
      If you have still issues, you can read this post https://freelancerhelp.net/post/5d6f0b660dfcdc74a25a376a & ask your questions related to Payoneer there.

  6. Prayas

    Thanks for your detailed guide. Can you please tell me if it works for different countries other than USA?

  7. Buonoj

    How much time does it cost to transfer money from paypal to payoneer?

    1. Alex Post author

      It takes just a few minutes. Link your Payoneer account with PayPal. After a few moments, PayPal will make two small transactions to your Payoneer account for confirmational purposes. Confirm those two transactions and you’ll eventually be able to link your PayPal with Payoneer.

  8. Tweneboa-Koduah Brempong

    Transfers made from a company account owned by you cannot be accepted
    this text is writing on payoneer’s global payment section, does it mean if the paypal account is in my name i cannot link it or what?

    1. Alex Post author

      Most of the time, it does work to link Payoneer to PayPal or PayPal to Payoneer. You can clearly see in the screenshots above that we have successfully linked one of our PayPal accounts with Payoneer. However, in most countries, it might not work as we’re not sure if it will be working in your country due to the restrictions & policies of each company.

      1. Mili

        t didn’t work for me too, then I contacted Payoneer chat and they said that they will issue me virtual bank details for pay pal in few days

  9. ari

    Not working for my my paypal account.
    My payoneer and paypal have same name, same document uploaded.
    I live in Indonesia.

    1. Alex Post author

      You might have already linked your PayPal account with Payoneer and this might be the reason why you’re not able to link PayPal to Payoneer.

    1. Alex Post author

      It does work most of the time. However, in some countries, this method might not be working. The reason is, either Payoneer restricts linking with the PayPal account or PayPal restricts linking its account with any third-party banks.

      However, in most countries, it will be working fine. But it is not 100% guaranteed.

    2. Mili

      didn’t work for me too, then I contacted Payoneer chat and they said that they will issue me virtual bank details for pay pal in few days

  10. Ifelove

    Hello Admin.

    God bless you with this wonderful post. I tried it, PayPal sent two small deposit to my payoneer, I confirmed it, and PayPal wrote “confirmed”. However,it was after I initiated a transfer/withdrawal from my PayPal to my payoneer that I noticed my three global payment service currency on payoneer wrote blocked on the top of the three. I will really appreciate speaking to you in person on this matter. My cell is +234 703 184 0934, whatsapp or phone call. I will really appreciate any help and information on this. PayPal withdrawal wrote pending 24 hours on PayPal but my big fear is whether or not the money will actually enter my payoneer. I look forward to your contact and will make it worth your time. I don’t take any help or support for granted. Thank you.

    1. Kum Eric Tso

      Your phone number is Nigerian and if so I’m afraid that even if works, it will be taken down at some point because of the restrictions put on Nigeria by Paypal. In case you created the account in a different country, chances are pretty high that you’ll get busted. Sorry, but this happened to many people. Just be really careful.

  11. Otomi Andrew

    What if it is personal paypal account because under account name it is business that is there

  12. Musa Khan

    Dear Sir.
    It is possible my brother inlaw in UK and i am in Pakistan. Can he send me some Pound to my payoneer account. ( Paypal Account in UK and payoneer account in pakistan)

    1. Alex Post author

      Hey there,

      Yes, I’m here. Kindly tell me what issue are you facing?

  13. Daniel

    Hello Alex, PayPal detects my Payoneer account as a virtual bank account and it won’t let me use it for PayPal. Is there any way around this?

  14. nitwir

    It works but what he failed to mention is that you need to create the paypal account on a US server and trying linking it in that server as well… IF your in another country it’s going to give you an error

  15. Edgar Lihanda

    How long does it take to get the funds cleared from PayPal to payoneer?

    1. Alex Post author

      It does not take a lot of time. You must have received it within a few minutes. You can wait up to 24 hours if the transactions are not appearing in your Payoneer account.

  16. Bizi Bodi

    This article was written on January 8, 2020, but I am seeing comments from February 2019.
    Watching in 3D!!!

    1. Alex Post author

      It was actually first written in 2019 but was updated in late 2020.

  17. Linux

    Hi. Im on step 5. Paypal sent small amount of money for confrimation to my payoneer account 8 hours ago. But still i cant see any transaction. How long does it take to see this transaction?

    1. Alex Post author

      It must have received now? If you are still not able to spot the transactions, you can make another small transaction and then wait for it. If this is the case again then you can get in touch with Payoneer support.

  18. John Mbuyi Lukwesa

    Hello, I’m a Zambian living in Zambia and I have PayPal account that serves me to make payment and buy items online only. But I can’t withdraw cash from my PayPal account into my bank account. In short, I can only send and make payment for items but I can’t receive cash through PayPal here in Zambia because of PayPal restrictions.
    Now, in this case, is it possible for me to make transaction from PayPal to my Payneer account? Because, with Payneer account, I’m able to withdraw cash in my Zambian bank account.
    Thank you.

    1. Mulos

      Zambian here. PayPal opened in Zambia will not receive but can only pay.
      You need to open a Lesotho or Malawi PayPal account. Use your real zambian detailson the account. Then you’ll be able to receive

  19. AbduL Latif Ripon

    how i can get money from my clients by using email ? paypal to payoneer . Is there anyone help me?

    1. Alex Post author

      Hello Abdul,
      You can easily transfer funds from PayPal to Payoneer. Just follow the above step by step guide. Screenshots are also available for your guidance.
      Let me know if you have any other issue.

      1. tan

        When I try to link my payoneer bank to paypal it gave me an error: Sorry, we are unable to process your request at this time. Please try again later. What do I do?

      2. Radhe

        I linked Payoneer bank account to payoneer, but PayPal withdraws to bank failed, says bank do not allow, what to do

  20. NPL

    Dear Alex,
    Please advice, why my paypal account not accepting the Payoneer account in the Bank Link.
    Hope to get solution for fix this issue.

    thank you

  21. Simone

    I have tried this twice today step by step it has not worked the alternative link in this post does not exist either.

  22. Mani

    I tried to attach my account received following message, “The information you entered is incorrect. Please check your information and try again.” After that paypal remove the attached bank account because of security reasons.

    1. hapi

      different message but the same failed, I tried tutorial above and it worked but next day I got the message “a recent transactions with your bank account ending xx-4285 didn’t go through, as a result we have removed this bank account from your pp account ”

      why, what solution?

  23. joseph chivhanga

    l am in south Africa l tried to link Payoneer card with Paypal with no luck.

    1. Alex Post author

      May I know what error does PayPal give you while linking both services?

  24. Sifullah

    Hello! Please help me out.

    I want to work on a web site where a verified Paypal account is required. But in my country, Paypal is not allowed. My cousin live in India. He will create a Paypal account for me, and I want to open a Payoneer account from my country. Is it possible to link each other to get a verified account? Is it called a verified account?

    And I want to provide my Gmail, first and last name in Paypal as I will give in the Payoneer account but the location and phone number will be given of India. Is it possible?

    1. Alex Post author

      Hey Sifullah,

      You can easily link your PayPal with Payoneer account by following the above-mentioned steps.

      Yes, You can use your Email & Names correspond to your country and also you can provide address of your relatives live in any other country. Make sure you provide accurate address & details.

  25. Ariel

    Hey Alex,

    Thank you for your tutorial, I have followed it and worked perfectly the first time. Now I am struggling to make it work again. Would it be like my Payoneer GTS is banned or blocked from PayPal? Is it advisable to request a different GTS account from Payoneer support? Or maybe just have to wait a bit. I did my transfer from PayPal to Payoneer a week ago.
    Hope you can help me out

  26. Rod

    Hi, I have followed your procedure and got a message error from Paypal “We are not able to process your request at the moment. Please try again later.” What do you recommend me to do ? Thanks.

  27. Hieuton

    Hello Alex
    I follow your guide to link payoneer bank to paypal sucessfully. Paypal had confirmed Payoneer bank. But after i send 5$ to test from Paypal to Payoneer, Paypal deleted Payoneer bank account. How to solve that?

  28. Wanglong

    Hey Alex! Please help me out
    I have followed your procedure and got a message error from Paypal “We are not able to process your request at the moment. Please try again later.”
    I live in China. I heard that China has a way to connect, so if you know, could you help me ?

  29. Farouq Onipede

    How will I add the money PayPal want to debited payonner account because I don’t have any money in the payoneer account

  30. Andrii


    Can you, please, tell me if everything is correct. I’m from Ukraine and I live in Ukraine. I’ve registered the LLC in the USA. I’ve obtained EIN.

    I plan to do next:
    1. Register my new PayPal business account using VPS (remote computer with Windows) located in the USA. So I will have an IP address in the USA.
    2. Attach my Payoneer bank account details to withdraw funds according to your guide (thanks a lot for your information!).
    3. I will use my US company’s address during registration.
    4. I will buy and use the USA phone number.
    5. I will provide my Ukrainian driver license and a bank statement provided by Payoneer.

    Will it work? I’m the single owner in my LLC, the name of the owner of the company and the name in Payoneer is the same. Thank you a lot for your time!


  31. Sheng

    I was able to link my Payoneer Mastercard to my PayPal account. But when I tried to transfer funds, my Payoneer debit card is not listed as an eligible card, it can’t be used for transfers. ”

    I tried to add the Payoneer card again, Paypal prompted a message “We linked your card but not for transfer as the bank doesn’t currently support Instant Transfers for now”. How can I resolve this?

  32. Waqar

    I initially had problem. I called Payoneer support and the changed my virtual bank account in USA, then it was easy to link with paypal. They transfer 2 small trans and when i confirmed they linked it. Because paypal may not connect with some US banks also and you got to get it changed with payoneer, and they can change it.

    Should be Ok.

    I hope it helped

    1. Wealth

      What’s the name of that bank changed by payoneer. And have you experienced any other issues with the changed bank account?

  33. Andre Garcia

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  34. Robert

    Metod described in this article doesn’t work for personal OR business PayPal account owners who live in EU. Those PayPal account owners can only connect SEPA (EU based) bank account.
    It would be fair to mention this in article.

  35. Hannah Stoever

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  37. Mohammad Mamun


    We’re sorry. We’re not able to process your request right now. Please try again later.

  38. Constance

    I am in SOuth Africa and i cannot link paypal to payoneer. after putting in the routing number and account numbers its saying “Please check your information and try again.”

  39. David

    Hi, I cannot find any “Routing & Account Number ” in Global Payment Service” section. I can see Receive munu and Global Payment Service under it. There are 3 Approved accounts there: USD, EUR and GBP. When I click to EUR it will dispay “Only payments for business transactions are supported” and “Payments made from a personal or company account you own will be declined”. Paypal account is obviously an account I own. Thus it won´t work – am I right?

  40. Nadine

    Hi, US bank account provided is from First Century Bank which is not suported by PayPal.
    Actually Payoneer and Paypal are competitors and Paypal will know that your First Centuary account is a virtual Payoneer account. So you need to Payoneer and explain them you want to get a Community Federal Saving Bank. The agent will assist you and you should get the new account quickly.
    Important to add your Payoneer account should be verified and you need a balance on it in order to make that possible.
    Hooe that will help somebody.

    1. Kit

      Thank you for taking the time to share your experience here. Will try this myself!

  41. shahid

    Hi there!
    I have linked my Payoneer account with PayPal successfully but I made a small transfer od $10 to my Payoneer account after 5 days I am unable to receive that payment. can you help with the issue?

  42. Sai Thiha

    Dear Brother Alex,

    Thanks a lot for your lovingkindness to all money transfer troubled people around the world.
    I see all your posts and now I understood “Routing (ABA) = ” is to fill “Bank swift code”. Is that right? Please confirm. Because when I made my Payoneer account, it ask to link my bank included to add my bank swift code. If not, Why inserted (ABA) at after “Routing” because swift code always write in alphabet. If that is right to fill swift code at Routing, all problem will be solved. That all facts to fill “Link a Bank” are need for my client of Argentina to send money to me, Myanmar. Please confirm “Routing (ABA) is The swift code of my bank, Myanmar. God bless you for your replying, I am waiting for to bless you in the name of Jesus. Be good health!

  43. 007

    Hi Alex,

    Good job you are doing here.
    I followed up the steps above to link Payoneer account to Paypal.
    Here is my question.

    On Paypal Link a bank account.
    Below is a space provided for IBAN number, I believe this is where I am supposed to fill my Routing Number and Account Number gotten from Payoneer.
    I thought, there are supposed to be two spaces, one for Routing number while the other for Bank account?
    However, I saw only one box here, so do I copy and paste the routing number followed by account number in the same box combined together?

    Kindly reply.

    Thank you.

  44. Irtza Adnan

    My PayPal account based in UK and payoneer ac based in Pakistan can I able to interlink these two??

  45. Jones

    Hello Alex

    My PayPal was registered using Lesotho link. I tried the steps above, but didn’t work for me.

    Is there something else I need to do please.

    Kindly help me out.

  46. Faisal Ashfaq

    I get this error after adding the routing and account number : ” Please check your information and try again. “


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